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‘Love Ducks’ is a piece reflecting the companionship of our feathery lake dwellers. This sculpture is made from a Chinese red granite block. The dimensions of this piece are H 80mm x W 100mm x D 150mm.

Attribute is a piece that is organic in shape. This sculpture is made from limestone and a high polish finish. The dimensions of this piece are H 150mm x W 250mm x D 250mm.

Fáinne is a piece that represents that landscape of Ireland, ancient and rugged. This sculpture is made from guillotined limestone and bronze. The dimensions of this piece are H 120mm x W 180mm x D 230mm.

‘Deep Transference is part of ‘The Transference Series’ and is made of bronze with a high polished finish. The size is H 500m x W 180 mm x D 180 mm.

The ‘Projection Series’ are five individual sculptures called Projection I, II, III, IV and V and are made of bronze on a limestone base. The dimensions are : H280 x W100 x D120  

The Swirl sculpture is made of bronze and sits on a Kilkenny limestone base. The dimensions (including base) are: H150mm x W150mm x D120mm

‘Transference’ symbolises the transferring of one’s emotions to another and is part of my ‘The Transference’ series. ‘Transference’ is made from white marble and bronze with dimensions of H300mm x W180mm x D150mm.

‘Penguin’ is carved from Portland limestone. It’s dimensions are H200mm x W100mm x D100mm.

This piece of sculpture was commissioned under the percent for art scheme. The four plaques nestled in a crest represent the unity of the teachers, family, community and pupils education.