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‘Love Ducks’ is a piece reflecting the companionship of our feathery lake dwellers. This sculpture is made from a Chinese red granite block. The dimensions of this piece are H 80mm x W 100mm x D 150mm.

Boxerchips are a salted crisp snack, branded and packaged designed with paying particular attention to the airline sector. The unique packaging itself allowed for more product per space ratio, which is crucial for the restricted spacial nature of an aircraft.

These are some of the logos in which were designed for various briefs.

A selection of other different designs that show adaptability as well as some extra packaging designs. These include technical drawings, illustrative work, posters, book covers and layouts.

Attribute is a piece that is organic in shape. This sculpture is made from limestone and a high polish finish. The dimensions of this piece are H 150mm x W 250mm x D 250mm.

Fáinne is a piece that represents that landscape of Ireland, ancient and rugged. This sculpture is made from guillotined limestone and bronze. The dimensions of this piece are H 120mm x W 180mm x D 230mm.

‘Deep Transference is part of ‘The Transference Series’ and is made of bronze with a high polished finish. The size is H 500m x W 180 mm x D 180 mm.

The ‘Projection Series’ are five individual sculptures called Projection I, II, III, IV and V and are made of bronze on a limestone base. The dimensions are : H280 x W100 x D120  

The Swirl sculpture is made of bronze and sits on a Kilkenny limestone base. The dimensions (including base) are: H150mm x W150mm x D120mm

‘Transference’ symbolises the transferring of one’s emotions to another and is part of my ‘The Transference’ series. ‘Transference’ is made from white marble and bronze with dimensions of H300mm x W180mm x D150mm.