A little bit about me

How may I assist you?

My background is heavily influenced by my farther, Fred Conlon, a sculptor who worked primarily in stone and bronze. Growing up, art and the search for geometric shapes were ever present, thus providing me with constant visual stimuli. After originally studying Visual Communications and working as a Graphic Designer for several years, I began to find myself merging deeper into the world of sculpting.  I re-discovered my interest in the aesthetic form, thus rekindling my childhood memories. It is in sculpting where I now feel most at home.

I learnt from my farther that a piece of sculpture should encourage interaction and provoke curiosity and wonder to its viewer. This is something that I feel very strongly with my own sculpture today.  My sculpture invites touch and thought.  This was my up bringing, an unorthodox apprenticeship, if you will.  This experience led me to the making of sculpture and ultimately fed my appetite of molding the stone to the forms within my minds eye.

In stone, I strive for the juxtaposition of its own natural elements against more geometric and organic shapes. I work in a variety of materials – stone, granite, limestone as well as bronze. I have exhibited at Sculpture in Context, the RHA summer show, and the RDS Arts and Crafts exhibition. My works are in several private collections and I have completed a commission as part of the one percentage for art scheme. I challenge myself with each new piece of raw material and try to recapture the energy that once encapsulated its turbulent creation during the earths earlier years.  This allows each sculpture I create to retain a sense of playfulness and a re-release of its own perpetual energy.

I find now, working in whatever medium I work with, but in particular stone, reminds me of and brings me closer to my fathers understanding and passion for the stone carving. That passion has been passed down to me through the manipulation and appreciation of the stone.  Sculpture frees me to communicate to others in ways that the simple text cannot.

Sculpture side of things to date:

  • Sculpture in Context, Botanical gardens, Dublin, 2012
  • RDS Horse show, Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Dublin 2012
  • RHA Summer Show, Dublin, 2011
  • Sculpture in Context, Botanical gardens, Dublin, 2011
  • IMOCA gallery (2011),
  • Leitrim Sculpture Centre gallery(2010)

I can work to small/medium size and pricing can varie depending on the medium, complexity and size of the art project. I also paint and draw, which these too can be commissioned.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me!